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Finding information in historical newspapers can be daunting task for family historians.  It can take several hours to go through even one year of an old newspaper.  At times, births, deaths, and marriages can be hidden in the pages of the old papers among the advertisements.  Not only that, but at times there are other gems hidden in the old papers about family members that have long been forgotten.  Researchers might have limited access to those old papers as well.  Not everyone can travel great distances to visit the local library or historical/ genealogical society to spend hours and hours looking through all the files and newspapers.  Genealogical Roots in Newspapers is an index that shows you where to find known articles about your family members.  You can search to your heartís content and know if you find an article about a family member, you know what the article is about before you order it.

Even the online newspaper search sites have limitations to finding articles about family members.  Especially if you have a common last name or there are multiple ways to spell the last name, and since they do not use soundex, you might never find articles about family members.

The purpose of this site is to help family history researchers locate information about family members that appear in local newspapers.  The articles can range from vital statistics, funny family stories, letters from travelers to somber memories of wars and visitors.   

Please remember that this is only an index of the articles.  

The Glossary is for the meanings of the indexed items.

            This site has grown to include six counties and three states; Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania.  Lisa hopes that it continues to grow.

It's hard to believe that this site has been up since 1997, that's over 17 years.  Where did the time go.

Currently there are more than 73,000 + entries (October 3, 2015)


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