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    Anniversary announcements were placed in the papers beginning in about 1860.  They become more popular in the 1880's.  There might be information about where the wedding took place and who was there.  There might be information about who celebrated the anniversary with the couple.  How long the couple has been married.  


    Bios have some information about the person mentioned.  There might be where the person is from or where they have been.  Possibly, the article might reveal things that the person did during his or her life.


    Most often a birth announcement list only the fatherís name.  Most birth announcements list whether the baby was a boy or girl.  Very few announcements list the name of the child and if they did it is listed in the index.

            Example: Mr. & Mrs. Joshua Jones had a small visitor arrive at their home last Friday of the male gender.  It weighted in at 7 pounds.  Josh is walking around with a puffed chest.


    Death notice or notice:  These notices are just like they sound.  They are notices that allow those in the area and surrounding area to know that this person is now dead.   The notices might contain place of burial, date of death, family members and what the person died of.

            Example:  Jon Frederick, of Brookston, died Saturday last of heart failure and was buried at Evergreen cemetery on Monday.  He was one of seven children.  His sister Mrs. J.K Smythe arrived from Greenhill, IN to attend the funeral.

    Obituaries: These normally have the most information about the person who died. 

    War Death:  This is someone who died during a war.

Warning: Not every child is listed in the parentís death notice or obituary.  The notice might say that the person had 5 boys and 3 girls and only name the persons from with in the county in which the paper is printed.

If you are aware that someone spent most of their life in one county and then moved to another county just prior to their death.  You might wish to look in the county they moved from.  


    Information about farmers from the area.  There might be information about how many areas they have.  What type of crops they farm.  If they rent or own the land they farm.


Primarily found in Adams county PA.  It is a list of heirs to the deceased, can be children and in some cases grandchildren.  Married daughters were often listed with their married name and spouse.  If the deceased child was dead the grandchildren were often listed as well.


    License: This is a list of people who received marriage licenses in the county and then were married.

Example: John Smith to Lida Jones

    Fred James to Charlotte Few

    Carl Left to Frida Right


    Date:  The listed date is the day that the people got married.  Some contain who was present at the marriage, who married the couple, where the wedding was held as well as other information.  Starting in the 1890's some contain gifts given to the newly married couple.

    Married:  No date is given but there is other information about the marriage. Also see Date information.

            Basic example of Date and Married:

            At the home of the brideís parents, by Rev. Alon Johnston on Apr. 12 occurred the marriage of Jonathan Brew and Lotta Brewster. 

            Just because a couple is listed in the newspaper as having been married, it does not mean that they were married in that county or even the state.  It was not uncommon to send out notices of marriages to newspapers to print near were relatives and friends lived to let them know that so and so got married.

Orphan's Court Report List:

This is  a list of names.  It does not mean that the person had minor children when they died. This might help narrow down a death date.  Some cases took years to settle so please keep that in mind while you search.  There are some people who kept showing up in the report due to young children.  

Old Settlers:

    In Indiana, most counties has something along this line.  A gathering once a year to remember the "Old Settlers" of the area.  During the time, those who settled the area would be remembered through the telling of stories and games. (might also be known as Heritage Days)


    Stories can be anything from a child choosing his name on his first day of school (White co., IN) to a man recalling some lonely people his father helped because no one else would (Warren co., IN).  These can add a dimension to family lore or even solve family questions.  In one family, it had been pasted down about the patriarchís dream about white sheets on a clothesline.  This reference stumped family researchers for years until the death notice was found in the paper.  In this patriarchís death notice sent to Warren co. IN from Rice co. KS.  The son relates a dream that his father had about the white sheets and his premonition about his own death.   



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