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History of site
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This site began in 1997 while Lisa looking for information about her 2nd great grandfather, Benjamin Ford of Badger Grove, White Co., IN.  

There was no death record or tombstone for Ben.  However, his wife Harriet (Rowe) Ford does have a death record.  It states that she was a widow at the time of her death in 1893.  With the census of 1880 and the death record for Hattie, that left several years to look at the newspaper on the off chance that there might be some information about Ben.  By chance, a look at the voters records of White Co., IN does show a Ben Ford voting in 1889.  That narrowed the years down to just a few.  So then Lisa began to read and index the newspaper.  Then in 1892 there is a mention of a Ben Ford of Badger Grove who is very ill.  Two weeks later there was his death notice and it states that he was buried.  The information in the paper gave expanded the information about Ben Ford.  Now there was an approximant birth date and a death date. 


In 2006 Lisa was contacted by another researcher who was writing a book on the Brookston Cemetery.  Turns out that the year before, a bag with old cemetery receipts were found in a local building.  The bag was about to be thrown out when the person looked inside and found the receipts.  Burial plots were found among the receipts for Ben Ford and his wife.  They are buried next to their son, Rowe Bert Ford and are near their daughter, Annie who died at the age of 9.  As well, Rowe Bert Ford's stillborn daughter had a receipt in the bag as well.


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