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Cass County, Indiana has a long line of historical newspapers.  With in their pages, were the stories of its residents.  Some famous and some not so famous but all related to someone now living whether a direct line or a branch.  Hope this index of births, deaths, marriages and other stories enriches your family history.

The Newspapers in the Index


Published from 1837 until 1841. The index below covers all listed years.


Published from 1897 until 1967, Galveston is in the southern part of Cass County just north of Kokomo.

The index below covers the years of 1897 through 1910.


Published from 1880-1884. The index below covers all the years.


Published under several names.  It started in 1845 to present.

The index below covers the years of 1852 through 1865.

(most recent updates 10 Dec 2004 up to 1865)

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The Index for Cass.

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